Life-Love #12: When someone correctly guesses something about you

We live in a divided world. Our identities, our feelings, our knowledge – all of these threads weave together to form a mesh around us that serves as a thin and almost imperceptible barrier between ourselves and others. We watch television and read the paper and see people acting in a self-interested or selfish way. We often feel evaluated, observed and analysed by our peers, our colleagues, our friends. In this self-referential world, there are few greater joys than to know that someone has correctly guessed what you want. It might be as simple as knowing which drink to order for you before you arrive at table or as complicated as to have worn the right cologne to make you feel better – a cologne whose scent the person knows will bring back memories of comfort and happiness on a day when you feel insecure. To be known is surprising and reassuring. It implies that someone has thought about you, observed you and understood something about you, no matter how small. It makes you feel real and human.

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