Life-Love #6: Lingering in the aisles at the grocery store

Every since I was a little boy, I loved our family trips to the grocery store. It was the one moment during the week that our family did something together with no anxiety. We were all foodies! My mother and grandmother would sniff and feel the melons, and my father would cross things off “the list” with a deliberate blue line using the ballpoint pen he always kept in his shirt pocket. When I was small, I loved running through the aisles and retrieving the items so that I could cross them off his list. It was a little mission for me. These days, I love lingering as I walk through the aisles, reading the labels and marveling at the incredible diversity of foods that we have available to us. Walking through the aisles feels like a form of low-cost tourism – my little world travel moment in Ancaster. Touring the world and happy family memories – what could be nicer?

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