New editorial and research assistant: Natalie St. Clair.

I am very pleased to welcome Ms. Natalie St. Clair to COMM-Lab, where she will work with me as Editorial and Research Assistant this year.

Natalie’s primary role will be to serve as Assistant Editor of the Journal of Professional Communication. Her responsibilities in this role will include assisting me, the Editor-in-Chief, with subscription management, bookkeeping, promotions, copy editing, layout and any other aspects of the journal’s day-to-day life as we prepare our first issue for January 2011. Her secondary role, will be to work with me as Research Assistant, helping me to complete my writing, research and creative projects.

Natalie is a dynamic, creative and diligent Level II student in the Dept of Communication Studies & Multimedia. She came to McMaster on a very prestigious Queen Elisabeth II scholarship, which she has maintained into second year.

Natalie will be a great addition to the COMM-Lab team. I look forward to working with her this year.

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