Life Love 81: How social media is a new town square

We seems to feel tied up so much of the time. Tied up by obligations to our friends, to our places of work, to those we love – it is easy to start thinking about all of this as a burden, to lose perspective. In the past, it was easy to become submerged in the […]


Life-Love 80: Someone who believes in you

We spend much of our lives wracked with doubt. We wonder if we are smart enough, tough enough, tall enough, good-looking enough, and so on. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see reflected back at us all of the things that worry us – our looks, our aging skin, our greying hair. […]

Life-Love 79: Visiting monuments

We all have a relationship to the past. Oftentimes, that relationship is conflicted – we don’t feel as though we want to take ownership of it, or can’t make sense of parts of it. It can be challenging and confusing. So we do our best to make sense of the past, to try to piece […]

Life-Love 78: Good conversation

One of the great challenges of our modern lives is that we spend so much of them alone. We fill the loneliness with noise – the television in the house, the radio in the car. When we go out at night, we experience the brutal sonic assault visited upon our senses by the pounding, dehumanizing […]

Life-Love 77: Walking instead

So much of our life is spent driving from place to place, or taking the bus, or even just the elevator instead of the stairs. All of these ways of getting around are artificial, and transfer the art of getting around to machines. In fact they transfer a big part of perceiving the world  to […]

Life-Love 76: Managing expectations

We all love to be liked. We try really hard to get the attention of others, which sometimes leads us to build up an image about who we are and what we can do in the minds of others. This can, however, be deadly for our reputations. When we set expectations in the minds of […]

Life-Love 75: Realising that change is part of life

We spend an awful lot of time worrying about change. When we are little, we think an awful lot about changes to come: we look forward to some of them, like getting older and wiser thereby enjoying more respect and consideration from our parents and other elders; and we dread others – changing school or […]

Life-Love 74: Catching up with old friends

We spend most of our time looking forward to tomorrow. We say: “There will always be another day,” or “there is always tomorrow” but really, we live our lives in three dimensions, don’t we? In the present, backwards through the past to our childhoods and forward with an eye toward our futures. Each one has […]

Life-Love 73: Feeling the seasons pass

We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about time. Actually, we tend to turn our time into a commodity, thinking about it as a line and then dividing it up into bits that we all understand: minutes, hours, days, week, months, years… This a good way to be productive, but it has an unfortunate […]

Life-Love 72: Transcending “good enough”.

We live in permissive times. Instant gratification is of the essence for most: in fact, we’re told by voices and images in broadcast and social media that we should only do things that are in our direct interest. So we do enough to get by and just make it. Accompanying this trend is a feeling […]

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