Opera Hamilton – La Bohème!

Had a great night with Giacomo Puccini at Opera Hamilton tonight! Thanks to my friend Megan Coppolino of, I was able to get a last-minute ticket. I think I may have found a new opera-buddy. What a lucky thing. Opera Hamilton is fantastic. Their La Bohème took me on the usual emotional roller coaster […]


Massive Artists Party at the Art Gallery of Ontario

This evening, my oldest friend, Stanley Yee, who’s President of the Dragon Fencing Academy, and I went to the AGO’s Massive Artists Party. It was a really nice night. Because Stanley and I are both members of the AGO Next Young Patrons Circle, we got to go to the pre-party, which took place in the […]

FRESH Symposium – CSMM@Mac!

Today I attended our Communication Studies and Multimedia students’ FRESH* Symposium, which features the best of their work in a poster format. It was fabulous. At 1.30pm, Dr. David Ogborn, a sound artist and professor of multimedia in my department introduced his laptop orchestra. That was a great moment. Listening to 1280 Lounge filled with […]

A three-eventful birthday!

What a great day I had today on my birthday! I wasn’t expecting much – I don’t make a big deal out of my birthday and I don’t usually put a lot of focus on it. This year, though, my friends took it in hand! And I am grateful to them for thinking of me… […]

Picked up my new car: Mercedes-Benz GLK 350x 4MATIC

A week ago, I decided to replace my 2002 VW Jetta 1.8T with a new car. I had a few things in mind when I went shopping: (i) My involvement in political organising, student life and community service proved to me that I needed more cargo space; (ii) The terrifying trip to Ottawa in December […]

AGO Next Launch Party

Last night I went to the AGO Next Launch Party at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. It was a great night – elegant, artistic and full of beautiful, interesting people! I enjoyed listened to Mr. Tannenbaum describe the purpose of AGO Next – encouraging a young patron’s circle of people under 40. An opportunity to […]

CLIR Workshop in Washington DC

From December 14-16, I had the distinct pleasure of traveling, with McMaster’s Chief Librarian, Jeff Trzeciak, to Washington D.C. for the annual workshop of the Council on Library and Information Resources. It was an amazingly good workshop, held in the Cosmos Club, in D.C. – a club whose members are all somehow linked to science, […]

Breakdancing in the McMaster Student Centre

Yesterday, I stayed late, writing in my office. I had a manuscript to finish for submission to a journal. It was an interesting piece about how Barack Obama uses time words to create a link between past and present in his speeches. I had a quick dinner and glass of merlot with a friend at […]

Two great nights out: One Duke and CLiC at the Art Gallery of Hamilton

On Wednesday night I went out to a new pub for me – One Duke in Hamilton. It was a night of great conversation and good wine. The grilled calamari was excellent. It’s a shame that busy schedules and time constraints don’t let me hang out with one of my favourite people as much as […]

Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie – a great documentary

I have spent the evening writing up a grant to fund a new research project (while eating lots of chicken couscous that I made yesterday) on political communication using the technique of content analysis. I will be submitting it later on this week. More on that project in a future post. While I was writing, […]

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